“Dr. Diana is a miracle worker! I feel incredible after every session. The healing which takes place during our session feels as if I am reborn. I am relaxed mentally and physically and notice progress made after every session. She is truly knowledgeable and an expert leader and has your best interest in mind. The quality of my life has increased dramatically and I feel much happier upon leaving her sessions.”
— Tyler M
“In the past, my allergies were in very bad shape. Once or twice in the allergy season I wouldn’t be able to go out of my home for work. Since I started my Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments with Diana, I have seen improvement after each treatment.”
— Tony M
“This has been an enlightening experience. At first I was skeptical, but my knee pain has greatly improved and unexpectedly my psoriasis has all but cleared up. I’m going to be 54 years old and have had this skin condition since 16 years old. WOW! I can wear short sleeve shirts again!”
— Donna H
“At first I was not sure about receiving Acupuncture treatments, but I could tell how knowledgeable Diana was so I opted for treatment to relieve sore neck muscles from a car accident. Diana has gone above any of my expectations in dealing with my original issue and also issues she discovered as I continued treatment. She has prescribed wonderful herbs for GERD and sinus congestion as well as used Acupuncture to alleviate my symptoms. I’ve gotten so much more than what I expected. Diana is the best. I so appreciate all she has done, and truly love the great services she has provided.”
— Margie S


“I am doing great, Dr. Diana! After having your treatments I became pregnant and my daughter will be two years old next month. You know life is empty without family and kids and some of my friends are trying to grow their family. I got good advice from you and shared those with them. Please help them and I believe God will fulfill their hope. I hope you and your kids are doing great. Wishing you a wonderful life.”
— R Alam
“I sought treatment with Diana for my menopause symptoms (mental fog, pain in the joints, hot flashes, forgetfulness, etc.). As I received Acupuncture treatments for these I could slowly but surely see them disappear. My goals have all been met. I have become a firm believer in Acupuncture as a result of this experience.”
— Patty P
“Diana is awesome! I did just 6 fertility treatments and now I am 35 weeks pregnant! I will always be grateful to her and all the treatments she did for me that helped me conceive my son.”
— Blescel B
“Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine treatments are great. After a few treatments I felt very relaxed and mentally strong. My stress level went down and I got pregnant. I was trying to get pregnant for 7 years. I had done all kinds of blood test that my OBGYN could think of but she couldn’t find any problems. Finally I chose Acupuncture and after one and a half months, I got pregnant and now I have a healthy baby boy, thanks to Dr. Diana.”
— Jinan


“Dr. Diana provides excellent practical suggestions and in-depth knowledge about brain health. I see her regularly and now will be working with her more about my memory and brain health through nutrition.”
— Suze F
“Diana has helped me in many ways: women’s health, pulmonary, cough, other ailments and has gotten me back to balance every time. She looks and treats the whole person, not just the acute symptoms and helps me restore balance in my health and life.”
— Charlowe M


“Dr. Diana is amazing with children. My two kids have been receiving Acupuncture and herbal treatments with her since age 5 and 7 for various conditions like allergies, colds and sports injuries and they rarely have to go see western medical doctors. She is gentle, patient and caring and my kids always leave feeling better. They are now in middle school and remind me to bring them to see Dr. Diana for ‘tune-ups’ and whenever they are not feeling well.”
— Elizabeth T


“I came to Acupuncture to relieve symptoms of a case of Bell’s Palsy. Diana’s treatments relieved the Bell’s Palsy symptoms to a point where 99% is gone. I experienced more relaxation and peace during the treatment sessions and came to understand and sense my body signals better.”
— Diane T
“I truly believe that Acupuncture helped and expedited my recovery from Bell’s Palsy. It also contributed to the overall better wellness and balance of my total health. Diana Iong was so good at explaining so much about the Acupuncture treatment and how the body functions in this Eastern practice of health and medicine.”
— Keith I


“I started Acupuncture after attending a seminar by Diana Iong. My depression, pain and lack of energy have tremendously improved. I feel so much better. I look forward to the new day. It is a blessing to feel good and getting better. I highly recommend treatments with Diana.”
— Connie J
“Two Acupuncture sessions and helpful exercises for the stress pain in my shoulder blade was awesome! I’m impressed with Diana’s Acupuncture treatment. It was so uplifting, refreshing and rejuvenating. I think for me, this is the way to go. The service is excellent and I most certainly recommend it.”
— Sheila N
“My blood pressure has gone down almost 20 points in just 3 weeks of Acupuncture treatment with Diana. Delighted!”
— Peter T


“I thank Diana for introducing me to the wonderful world of Acupuncture. I had been trying for years to get rid of the pain in my hips caused by arthritis. After only a few sessions I was almost pain free. Diana helps you feel relaxed and less stressed. I have recommended Diana to anyone I know who is in pain or has any chronic problems.”
— Maria S
“It’s the best treatment I’ve ever had since my shoulder surgery. Just wish that I met Dr. Diana long a long time ago. I suffered with a lot of pain due to arthritis. Even with the meds I still felt pain. But with her treatments the pain is disappearing. She’s such a good doctor - THE BEST! I will recommend her to anybody.”
— Jane P
“These treatments along with time have totally, 100%, eliminated the acute pain I was experiencing. I would absolutely recommend Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine to my family and friends. THANK YOU DIANA!”
— W.P. Cooper
“Amazing. I came in after 3 months of severe back pain with sciatica. On a scale of 1 to 10, I was 7 to 9 and could not stand straight. The Acupuncture treatments immediately helped and I was able to sleep instead of tossing and turning due to pain, inability to move and stand up straight. I wish I came in sooner. Dr. Iong did more than treat me. She provided after-care help and I am amazed at the improvement in me.”
— Wayland Q
“Playing tennis regularly has worn down my shoulders over the past few years. Acupuncture with Diana has definitely worked well for me and hastened the healing of my shoulders. It has also taught me preventive measures such as stretches and diet to deal with non-recurrence of frozen shoulder. I definitely recommend Diana’s Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments.”
— Edward L
“I came in for treatment of tennis elbow. I actually had surgery scheduled but have since cancelled it. I had never tried Acupuncture before, but now I am a true believer! My pain at a level of 7 or 8 is now a 2 or 3. I would definitely recommend treatments with Diana to anyone before invasive procedures.”
— Missy S
“I was a chronic migraine sufferer for three years. I was taking pain medicine almost every day. After just two weeks of Acupuncture treatments, the migraines are almost completely gone. I suffer a migraine only once or twice a month now.”
— Mike B
“I came in with pain in my foot. I could only limp. I left with no pain and was able to walk, all after one visit with Diana. It was great.”
— Darchelle E


“I love Diana and her information. She is always ‘right on’ with her guidance and treatment. She is a reservoir of information.”
— Meg S
“Dr. Diana is such a blessing in my life. I was in a lot of pain when I came to see her. I had plantar fasciitis and sciatica, along with high blood pressure and diabetes. She has given me my life back! She has helped me with overall improvement in my health.”
— Zarina K
“Well what can I say she’s awesome. I’ve been coming to see Diana for 4 years now and she’s helped me so much with ongoing digestion problems and anything else I have going on. For instance I dislocated my finger and it hurt so bad. I never saw a traditional medical doctor, in fact I set it myself out of fear when I saw it and she helped me with Acupuncture and my finger is doing great. It took over a year to heal and she treated it every time I was there along with everything else. She’s the first person I see when something is going on with my health. I also love to see her for what I call “a tune up”. It keeps me balanced and healthy.”
— Colleen O